Kefalonia beaches: the best to visit for every mood

If you’re looking for the best beaches in Kefalonia, you won’t have to travel far, but you may have to look hard. They’re not always easy to find. Kefalonia is dotted head to toe with beautiful sands and seas. These are some of our favourites.

Kefalonia beaches:


Kefalonia beaches
Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia, Greece

Visit one of Europe’s most photographed beaches. From above, Myrtos Beach is the postcard-perfect white sand, blue sea, hidden gem. Drive down the hairpin-bend roads to reach it, though expect to find more pebbles than sand once you arrive. Myrtos Beach stretches one and a half miles and offers plenty of space to place your towel or to hire a sun-lounger. Arrive here early as the sun-loungers fill up quickly, especially during summer months. Walk, or swim, to one end of the beach to cool down in natural mountain caves. There is a small café on the beach selling coffees and snacks.

Best for: The perfect ‘Greek beach’ photograph for your Instagram.


Antisamos beach, Kefalonia, Greece

Another of the best beaches in Kefalonia is Antisamos. The drive to Antisamos is an adventure in itself, via winding roads lined with flowering bougainvillea and Jasmine trees. Turn the AC off and open the windows to take in the fragrant smell of naturally growing thyme en-route. You’ll likely want to stop the car a few times anyway, to take photos from the mountain side viewpoints overlooking endless sea views. Antisamos Beach is home to upmarket beach bars. Hire a sun bed at one of them for free (we love Acron), in return for drinking and dining, and take your food and drinks at the sun beds themselves, or to retreat to their cool terrace for a break from the heat. It’s your choice whether you opt to spend a few Euros on a coca cola or €500+ on a bottle of champagne.

All of this and we haven’t even mentioned the sea views! Expect the typical bright blues and greens that are so synonymous with Greek beaches. Here they’re framed in a mountainous cove and splattered with luxury yachts anchoring down for the day.

Best for: Upscale beach-bar hospitality.


Kefalonia beaches
Xi red clay beach, Kefalonia, Greece

Xi Beach is located close to Lixouri, on the west of Kefalonia. The beach is formed from red clay, giving it a red-orangey colour. Clay is said to have healing properties so see plenty of people covered head to toe in it – give it a try yourself (there are showers near the car park to wash it all off with). There are a few bars and cafés along Xi Beach, as well as a child-care centre and a mini supermarket.


From Argostioli, take the 30 minute ferry to Lixouri. A short drive from Lixouri Port and you’re at Xi beach. Tickets for the Argostoli to Lixouri ferry cost less than €10 for a car and two passengers. The ferry runs daily – every 30 minutes in summer and once an hour in winter. While there is a timetable, we suggest just showing up and getting on the next available sail – timetables are not strictly abided by. Foot passengers can also walk on and pay on-board.

Best for: An alternative Greek beach experience and a natural mud body scrub.


Kefalonia beaches
Assos Beach, Kefalonia

This one is for those times when you can’t quite decide whether you fancy a beach day, a photography day, or to while away the hours in a taverna. Assos beach has it all. Ok, of all the Kefalonia beached on offer, this one might not be the nicest. It’s pebbles, for a start. But it’s clean, has some stunning views and is within easy access of stores, restaurants and plenty of spots that will go down nicely on your Instagram or TikTok.

Best for: Those days when you want to do a little bit of everything.


best beaches in Kefalonia
Pessada Beach, Kefalonia, Greece

Pessada Beach is just 9KM from Kefalonia Airport but don’t let that put you off, it feels as far away as from an airport as being on a desert island. The steps down to Pessada Beach start from its small car park, and lead down – and down, and down – to a hidden Kefalonian beach cove. This small beach cove is a paradise, but you’ll likely be sharing it with a few others. If you’re really lucky you may have it to yourselves, or, from Pessada Beach you can also walk along the rocky coastline to find a spot just for you.

Best for: Feeling like you’re marooned on a desert island (but with the added bonus of being able to easily leave when you like!).

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