Things to do in Kefalonia, Greece

Things to do in Kefalonia vary. Sunbathe on stunning beaches, take a bee keeping tour, discover a vineyard, visit Lake Melissani, explore Assos and Fiskardo, or take a ferry from Sami to neighbouring island, Ithaca.


Here, there are a range of different beaches. It won’t be hard to find one that suits you, or even to visit a different beach every day for a month! Exploration is encouraged – you’ll never be far away from a secret beach cove or a lively beach bar. One of the favourites is Myrtos (pictured). Find out more about the best beaches in Kefalonia.


Probably the island’s most picturesque village is Assos, a quaint small fishing village based around an old fort. At the centre of Assos is a bay, perfect for a cooling dip. Surrounding the bay are cute village houses stacked up across the mountain-side, a couple of small pebbly beaches, and a handful of local Tavernas to relax in.


Fiskardo is a small village based around a yacht harbour, in the north of the island. You’ll find upmarket restaurants, cute cafés, and an elegant way of life. If you haven’t packed to join the yacht-set for dinner, head into one of the swanky boutique stores to pick a new outfit and you’ll fit right in. We loved ‘Christine’ for its dressy kaftans, embroidered clutch bags and day or night time jewellery; you’ll find ‘Christine’ directly opposite Kayak Ice Cream Shop.


Day trips to Ithaca are easy. Ithaca is the neighbouring island and is said to be the most mythical island in Greece. It’s the birthplace of Homer after all. On arrival in Ithaca drive to its capital, Vathy, for breakfast. From here visit Kioni Harbour and stop for lunch in Frikes Village.


The ferry from Kefalonia to Ithaca costs €17 each way. It leaves from Sami and takes 40 minutes and departs at 8AM. The return ferry leaves at 3PM – and don’t miss it as there is just one ferry a day.


Everyone loves honey, but did you know that bees also produce a range of other products including pollen, royal jelly, venom, propolis and more? Find out more about both the products of the bees’ hard work, and what goes into being a bee keeper with a bee keeping tour led by friendly locals, Thanassis and Eleni. A truly eyeopening and worthwhile experience.


A hidden lake flowed for years, undiscovered, under a caved roof until one day an earthquake shattered that roof – and Lake Melissani was found. Walk down from the entrance to the lake-side, hop on a boat, and row around the cool waters; part exposed to the sun and part still hidden in a cave full of stalagmites.


Tickets to Lake Melissani cost €7 per person, and can be bought at the entrance. This is one of Kefalonia’s more touritsy attractions – we recommend visiting mid to late afternoon to avoid a lot of tour buses and people.


Kefalonia has two main wineries; Gentilini in Minies and Robola in the centre of the island. Join them to find out more about Kefalonian wine.

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