About us:

We’re founded by sister-duo, Katie and Bethany Silcox. We grew up surrounded by culture. As children our home was open to guests from all over the world as a place to live while they studied the English language. This meant that before we’d even reached our teens we’d shared a home, food and gifts with people from all over Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and more. And with that, the seed was planted…

Travel and culture became our common passion, both personally and professionally.

We’ve since amassed a wealth of in-house experience at some of the best travel media companies in the world, and are honoured to have been able to turn this into the founding of our own agency.

With 15+ years experience in travel journalism, photo and video shoot production, travel guidebook production, feature creation, creative direction, plus branding and marketing – we’re perfectly positioned to provide an extensive, high-end offering of creative and commercial services.

Find out more about our creative services or contact us to discuss your needs.

Katie Silcox

Katie has made a career out of travel journalism working with publications such as Condé Nast Traveller Magazine, Lonely Planet and BSkyB as producer, photo editor, writer, videographer and digital editor for ten plus years. She’s also worked with luxury lifestyle publications including GQ and Architectural Digest Magazine. Katie has lived in India, the UAE, Sri Lanka and the UK, and is currently based in Greece. While usually hot-footing it to her next destination, she’s been very content exploring Athens and the many beautiful Greek islands during 2020 and 2021.

Find Katie on Instagram: @katiesilcox

Email: katie@contemporaryclass.com

Bethany Silcox

Bethany has spent years globe-hopping, for both work and pleasure. Her professional career in the superyacht industry took her all over Europe (think Monaco, The Amalfi Coast, Sardina) as well as cruising around the Middle East and Southeast Asia. On returning to the UK she worked for Boat International Media, a world-leading publisher and events agency, distinguished by a unique insight into superyachts and their ultra high net-worth owners. She has also organised marketing events for global brands including Nike.

Find Bethany on Instagram: @iambethanysilcox

Email: bethany@contemporaryclass.com