Ladakh Tour: Walking in the Indian Himalayas

A Ladakh tour will take your breath away, metaphorically and literally.

A Ladakh tour takes in the highs and the not-so-lows of the region. At 17,000 feet the Khardung Pass is the highest road in Ladakh. The capital city, Leh, sits at 11,000. There are few places in the either India, or indeed in the world, that stand out like Ladakh, located in the Indian Himalayas.

Serenity and simplicity permeate the region, perhaps in part due to the strong Buddhist believes held by most locals. But it’s also the landscape; here you’ll find wide open plains, soaring mountains, sandy desert plateaus, roaring rivers, and sparkling-blue lakes.

This wild regions has scattered small villages throughout. Ladakh shares a border with Tibet, and has embraced many Tibetan refugees so local Tibetan culture is strong.

All images by: Gentl & Hyers

Ladakh Tour

With far fewer visitors than much of India, navigating a tour of Ladakh may seem difficult. But, with flights from Delhi and a hand-curated tour itinerary from Shakti Ladakh, it is possible to explore this vast but beautiful corner of the country. This is how to take a Ladakh tour in style.

Shakti Ladakh will personalise your tour, ensuring you do just the right amount of walking between villages to suit your wishes. They’ll make sure you visit the perfect number of Buddhist monasteries along the way, and that you bed down in stylish yet traditional local houses. You’ll also dine in style, taste-testing local food such as Momos, Thukpa and and Khambir . Oh, and don’t forget the butter chai – you’ll either love it, or hate it.

We’re hooked. Not only to the butter chai, but to Ladakh, too.

Take a look through these spectacular images of the region, by world class photographer-duo, Gentl & Hyers, and you’ll begin to understand what we mean.

Ladakh Tour accommodation

Young Buddhist Monks in Ladakh
Ladakh locals
Ladakh Tour accomodation
Local food
Local festival

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