We’re a creative agency specialising in editorial, visual, design and branding creative services for the travel industry.

We work with the leaders in travel media and business. Clients include hotels, airports, tour operators, magazines, guidebooks, and more.

Based between London and Athens our core team has 15 years combined experience in travel media. We also work with a global team of industry experts to provide fresh and exciting content to leading travel brands and media.

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We’re all about storytelling. Culture and identity sit at the heart of what we do.

Today’s travellers explore the world from a position of social and cultural awareness. Our work reflects that. We always approach brand work with the client – the traveller – at the forefront.

Our creative agency provides you with content that will reach and connect with your audience to really make a difference.

Is it time for your story to be heard?

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We’ve worked with many big-players in the travel industry including Dubai Airports, AMEX Global Business Travel, Condé Nast Traveller, Boat International and the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta.

We also work with independent travel brands.

Our team have produced photoshoots all over the world, written travel content for big-name media, created informative guidebooks, and established brand and design concepts for some of the world’s biggest travel events.


Hi! We’re Katie and Bethany Silcox.

We have 15+ years combined experience working across travel media and events. We also love to travel the world for fun, exploration and work.

Our travels are varied; sometimes we stay the newest, hottest global hotels, and other times we trek for days through isolated mountains.

Between us we’ve spent years living and immersing ourselves into different countries and cultures. We also enjoy a good cosmopolitan weekend break.

We understand the modern, contemporary, class of traveller, because we are the contemporary class of traveller.

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