Contemporary Class Magazine

How do you travel?

Business or economy class? Five star hotels or huts on the beach? Dining in the world’s best restaurants or picking up street food for pennies? If, like us, you’re a combination of these, then welcome to the Contemporary Class way of travel.

Contemporary Class is a new online travel magazine for the new, contemporary, class of traveller. 

We believe that travel can mean multiple things. We will inspire you to make the most of your trips by sharing varied travel experiences including; travel guides, destinations to discover, people to meet, food to devour and other helpful travel advice.

Contemporary Class Magazine
Contemporary Class Magazine

Who are we? 

We’re Katie and Bethany Silcox. We travel in the Contemporary Class style, and we want to explore with you.

We travel the world for fun, exploration and work. We stay in some of the hottest hotels, but also trek for days through isolated mountains. We’ve spent years living and immersing ourselves into different countries and continents, but also enjoy cosmopolitan weekend breaks.

We understand this new Contemporary Class of traveller, because we are this new Contemporary Class of traveller. And we want to enjoy the journey with you. 

We have a wealth of experience in travel journalism, photo and video shoot production, travel guidebook production, feature creation, creative direction, branding and marketing. That’s why we also offer our Creative Services, providing an extensive, high-end offering of creative and commercial production services.

Oh, and our online shop shares some of our favourite get-away items from practical travel goods for the modern day traveller to accessories to help you slip into a new city’s persona.

Items to give you that Contemporary Class while you travel. 


With 15 years combined experience in media, events and the travel industry, Contemporary Class offers a modern approach to travel journalism. Download our Media Kit, explore Media Services and contact us with your enquiry.