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How do you travel? Business or economy class? Do you stay in 5 star hotels or huts on the beach? If you’re anything like us (and our readers!) then it’s a combination of both.

Welcome to the Contemporary Class way of travel.

Contemporary Class is an online travel magazine all about sharing travel experiences; destinations to discover, people to meet, food to devour, and helpful advice picked up along the way. 

Our editors have a wealth of experience in travel journalism, photo and video shoot production, travel guidebook production, feature creation, creative direction, branding and marketing. That’s why we’ve also created Contemporary Class Services, providing an extensive, high-end offering of creative and commercial production services.

Our online shop is to share some of our favourite sartorial items be it practical items for the modern day traveller or accessories to help you slip into a new city’s persona. Items to give you that Contemporary Class while you travel. 

Contemporary Class Magazine


We believe that travel can mean multiple things to each individual person. It might mean business class flights on one trip, and economy on another.  It might mean purposeful experiences one month, and hedonistic city breaks another. 

Contemporary Class is a new online travel magazine and boutique store, for a new class of traveller. 

We're for those who want to splurge on the best hotels available, but are also keen to discover hidden beach hideaways. For those who sometimes want to dine in some of the world's best restaurants, but on other occasions want to pick up street food for pennies. 

For those who are reaching out and exploring the world with finesse. 

Contemporary Class Magazine

For those who are (as our motto says): travelling the modern world in style.

Why have we created this site? 

Well, we’re just like you. And we want to explore with you. We’re two UK-born sisters who have grown up with travel in our veins. 

We travel the world for fun, exploration and work. We stay in some of the hottest hotels, but we also trek for days through isolated mountains. We’ve spent years living and immersing ourselves into different countries and continents, but we’ve also enjoyed many a cosmopolitan weekend break with friends. 

We understand this new Contemporary Class of traveller, because we are this new Contemporary Class of traveller. And we want to enjoy the journey with you. 

Contemporary Class Magazine Co-founders & Editors, Katie Silcox & Bethany Silcox

Contemporary Class Magazine Co-founders & Editors, Katie Silcox & Bethany Silcox


Two UK-born sisters who grew up surrounded by culture. Our home as children was open to guests from all over the world as a place to live while they studied the English language. This meant that before we’d reached our teens we’d shared a home, food and gifts with people from all over Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and more. And with that, the seed was planted...

editor@contemporaryclass.com / @katiesilcox

Katie has had a career in travel journalism, working in-house with publications including Condé Nast Traveller Magazine, Lonely Planet and BSkyB as photo editor, writer, videographer and digital editor for ten plus years, as well as a freelance travel journalist with national broadsheets, guidebooks, websites and TV shows. She’s also worked with non-travel luxury media publications including GQ and Architectural Digest. Katie has lived in a variety of global cities across Asia, Europe and the middle east. She is currently based in Athens, and in her spare time (when not hot-footing it to the next destination or spending time talking or writing about said destination), she enjoys exploring the best restaurants, bars and activities that the city has to offer.

editor@contemporaryclass.com / @iambethanysilcox

Bethany has spent years globe-hopping, for both work and pleasure. Her professional career within the superyacht industry took her all over Europe (think Monaco, The Amalfi Coast, Sardina) as well as cruising around the Middle-East and South-East Asia. Upon returning to the UK she worked for Boat International Media - a world leading publisher and event's agency distinguished by a unique insight into superyacht's and their ultra high net-worth owners.


One of the best things about travelling the world is the connections you make. We've had the pleasure of meeting some incredibly talented adventurous types from all over the world. Many of whom have been involved in the inspiration and production of contemporary class and you'll be lucky enough to meet too, through our enlightening Insider's Guides.


With 15 years combined experience in media, events and the travel industry, Contemporary Class offers a modern approach to travel journalism. Download our Media Kit, explore Media Services and contact us with your enquiry.