Unique workouts - city by city

Travelling to another country doesn't mean your workout routine has to stop. It also shouldn’t mean trying to fit in a 30 minute run in the dingy hotel gym (disclaimer: we know not all hotels have lousy gyms).

But why spend time indoors, when you can be out, exploring a new city?

Globally there are so many exercise options - including unique classes that you may not find in your home town, or wonderful outdoor options that allow you to get in some exercise at the same time as seeing another side to the city you’re in.


We’ve spoken to locals around there world to find out their recommendations for the most unique workouts in their cities. See what they had to say, below:


- Ana Oritz, New York local

“NY has some of the craziest exercise offerings around, from lightsaber fighting (yes, really) to trapeze classes. My personal favourite is spinning at Revolve Fitness; they have special theme rides and spin “battles” (think Beyonce vs Whitney!) Or, if you’re looking for something free, a run across the Brooklyn Bridge is always lovely too!”

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Auckland, New Zealand


sarah stuart,

auckland local

“You can't beat walking in this city. The walk around the bay (Okahu Bay to Kohimarama) is one of my favourites. I also enjoy walking through Cornwall Park which actually used to be a volcano, or you can do a bush walk to Fairy Falls”.

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melbourne australia

- Matt renouf, Melbourne local

CrossFit - I've been a member at CrossFit Richmond since I moved to Melbourne. It's a great way to meet new, like-minded people. We welcome Crossfitters from around the world with a drop in option for AUS$25, or you you can buy a T-shirt. Visiting CrossFitters can email info@crossfitrichmond.com and get in touch with Kath or Adam (the owners).

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Calgary, Canada

- Simon Greenwood, Calgary local

“As the mountains are so close, go out hiking and explore the Rockies. There are also some great independent studios such as Fit Republic who only provide trainer lead classes such as spin, core, Barre and TRX”.

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Galle, Sri Lanka

- Hannah Balfour, Galle local

Idle Bikes Tours are a unique way to explore the local area - you get to ride through paddy fields, spot local wildlife such as buffalo and peacocks - and occasionally you also get to conquer a big hill”.

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santander, spain

- Raisa Yap-Cotas, Santander local

“With the mountains and the sea on the doorstep, it’d be a shame not to get active in the great outdoors. Santander is full of walkers - any age and any season, you’ll find people catching up over a stroll. Alternatively, you can go sailing on the bay, try your swing at golf or go skiing and snowboarding less than an hour from the city”.

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Istanbul, Turkey

- Zeynep Kanra, Istanbul local

Walking the streets of Istanbul - you can walk for hours exploring new neighbourhoods and backstreets. Also, drinking our national drink, Raki. People from Istanbul definitely consider this a national sport, anyway. When in Rome…

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- Ben Crouch, Singapore local

“Road cycling. Early mornings on the Singapore roads before the traffic hits are unbeatable”.

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SAN Diego, usa

- Laura Johnson, San Diego local

Hike Torrey Pines or do a workout in the park - either Kate Sessions Park, or Waterfront Park at the Embarcadero.

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