The world's coolest matcha bars

A matcha made in heaven

What is it about matcha bars that lend themselves to the perfect Pinterest portfolio? Here are a few of our global favourites:

Holy Matcha, San Diego

Holy Matcha, San Diego

Holy Matcha, San Diego

When bubblegum pink and mint green come together, it shouldn’t work. Holy Match in North park San Diego proves that sometimes, rules are made to be broken. The café pays homage to the Japanese antioxidant-rich powder as well as serving plenty of avocado toast, another hit on every millennial's wishlist.

Palm Vaults, London

A local, independently run café in the heart of East London’s Hackney, Palm Vaults rocks a vintage vibe. Decked with retro pink leather chairs and a perfectly curated amass of hanging leaves, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d been transported to Ocean Drive Miami circa 1970. Whilst its well-earned title of ‘London’s most Instagramable Café’ is in part down to interior design, their delectable plant-based menu and hipster coffees, including pink and green (beetroot and matcha) layered lattes, make statement in equal part on ‘the gram’.

A distinctively green matcha latte

A distinctively green matcha latte

Cha Cha Matcha NYC

Relaxed vibes, neon signage and upbeat music all wrapped up in an adorably kitsch package. If you’re heading to Cha Cha Matcha, the hottest café in NYC’s fashionable Nolita district, you can expect to queue for your hipster cup of specialty tea. You can also get your matcha-fix brewed into a decorative latte, baked into a vivid green cupcake or swirled into a creamy cone of soft serve.

Matcha Box, LA

Thanks to LA’s influx of bloggers and vloggers and their perfectly-curated social media accounts, an equally hip matcha bar was sure to follow. Matcha Box is a complete green tea experience set in an on-trend minimalist space. Our pick is ‘The Empress’ which combines ceremony grade matcha green tea with lemon and muddled mint.

Matcha Mylkbar, Melbourne

Matcha Mylkbar, Melbourne

Matcha MylkBar, Melbourne

If there’s one thing Australian’s know its a BBQ. If there’s another thing they know, it's coffee. But not just any old coffee; they have a reputation as coffee drinking connoisseurs. Australians tend to snub global powerhouses such as Starbucks in favour of speciality coffees and an independent café culture. In line with their (relative) proximity to Asia, a dedicated matcha bar was not far behind and Melbourne’s MatchaMylk was born.

Matchabar, NYC

New York’s first specialty matcha café, Matchabar, opened in Brooklyn’s trendy Williamsburg district in 2014. In the fall of 2015, MatchaBar opened its first set of doors in Manhattan and now holds residency on both the east and west coast USA. The brotherly run café was recently invested in by Drake and they've even launched their own line of ‘to-go’ bottled matcha.

neon MATCHA sign - matcha bars around the world

- By Bethany Silcox

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