Dramatic Design Hotels

Whether you’re an architectural aesthete or an Instagram aficionado searching for the perfect backdrop, you’ll fall in love with these beautifully crafted hotels. Created with design at the forefront of their brief, appearance here is everything.

Get your camera at the ready, and prepare to check in for a stay at one of the world’s most dramatic design hotels.

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi, Stepantsminda, Georgia

Rooms Hotel, Kazbegi, Georgia

Rooms Hotel, Kazbegi, Georgia

At Rooms Hotel Kazbegi, we can’t decide what’s better, the hotel or the view. Tourism in Georgia is soaring. It’s the coolest destination in Europe right now; Rooms Kazbegi and its sister property in Tbilisi are at the forefront of creating that hipster image.

This Soviet era hotel was completely transformed by Georgian architects in 2012. Full walls of glass make the most of the mountainside location, and inside you’ll find plenty of natural wood, distressed leather, and semi-industrial furniture and curios. Retro film and tourism posters add a shot of colour.

Spend your day sat reading on the terrace, swimming in the huge indoor pool, or gorging yourself on the fantastic organic food and wine, for which Georgia is rightly famed.

Zuri Zanzibar, Zanzinbar, Tanzania

Zuri Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zuri Zanzibar, Tanzania

The island of Zanzibar is a melting pot of cultures, and this is reflected at the incredible Zuri Zanzibar a new Design Hotel in an idyllic beach side location. Draped white muslin dresses the beds, there are hammocks on the verandas, and African artworks on the walls.

Every villa has a private stretch of beach and its own outdoor plunge pool. The surrounding spice garden is a verdant, fragrant oasis.

- Plan your escape to Zanzibar with Journeysmiths.

Covent Garden Hotel, London, UK

Covent Garden Hotel, London

Covent Garden Hotel, London

In the backstreets between Covent Garden and Shaftesbury Avenue, amidst a run of boutiques and cafes, you’ll find the Covent Garden Hotel.

The red brick exterior and Union Jack flying outside suggest this is an old school hotel. It’s not. There’s a nod to the past, but the fabrics and furniture all have a bright, contemporary flair.

Request the two bedroom Covent Garden Loft Suite for a truly luxurious stay.

AnaYela, Marrakech, Morocco

Anayela, Marrakech, Morocco

Anayela, Marrakech, Morocco

For glamour and romance in equal measure, you can’t beat the award winning AnaYela magical Marrakech. This 300 year old palace is in the heart of the city, and every room captures the essence of Moroccan design.

The tower on the terrace is known as “The flying carpet.” It boasts the best views in Marrakech, especially in early evening.

There are just five rooms at AnaYela, and you can opt to take the entire property for exclusive use. It’s a remarkable location for a party.


Cugi Gran Macina, Grand Harbour, Senglea, Malta

Cugi Gran Macina, Grand Harbour, Senglea, Malta

Rich history and contemporary design come together at Cugó Gran Macina Grand Harbour right on the waterfront in Senglea.

Behind the imposing stone facade you will find 21 striking suites, created with a minimalist design brief. Sleep beneath the vaulted 16th century ceilings; many of the rooms have a balcony or terrace with harbour views.

And for the very best panoramas, head up to the swimming pool. You can see as far as Valletta, 9 km away.

- By Sophie Ibbotson

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